Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove *

I think we can all agree that cleaning make up brushes/tools is a very tedious chore…the bane of my life, however, the longer they're left unwashed, the more germs and bacteria they accumulate. I'll admit, I'm not the most enthusiastic about cleaning my brushes (pure laziness), but it should be a number one priority for the following reasons: Dirty brushes accumulate and harbor bacteria, algae and mould which can cause acne breakouts and skin irritations, they can also give you pinkeye and even herpes. Eye brushes mixed with different shadows can make your make up look muddy and cream, wax or gel products can dry up and make the bristles scratchy and stiff rendering them useless.

My dirty face brushes before their special "spa" treatment

On the flip side: especially designed for eye brushes

The Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove is designed as a practical and compact brush cleaning device with 7 patented textures for both eyes and face brushes.

Convenient water drains on each side of the glove

This glove, no doubt, provides a quick and effective cleaning process and has a universally fit strap where you can slot your thumb through to secure the glove in place while you vigorously scrub your brushes clean. This is a very nifty tool and it's compact and portable making it a great investment and essential for make up kits or for travelling.

Place the strap around your wrist and thumb to secure your glove. Wet your brushes and add a small amount of cleaning solution and water to the glove and swirl your brush on the "wash" texture to begin deep cleaning. Return your brush under running water and sweep back and forth on the "rinse" texture to remove residue and soap. Continue on to swirl the brush on the "refine" texture of the glove for a deeper cleanse and do a final rinse. Use the ribbed surface and gently squeeze excess water out with your thumb and allow to air dry.

This glove is a comfortable size and fit and cleans brushes thoroughly and effectively with quick and incredible ease. I don't even have to worry about the bristles being damaged - the ribbed, rubber surface provides a fairly gentle, deep clean that doesn't cause any breakages or shedding.

This Spa Express Blush Cleaning Glove is such a HANDY and interesting product plus it's a bright fushia pink. I love how simple and easy it is to use…each patented design/pattern is labelled and textured for both eyes and face brushes. This glove is also reversible so every inch of this glove can be utilised.

You can purchase this product directly from Sigma Beauty for $25 USD. For my Aussie babes, you can purchase Sigma products from any of the following authorised retailers:

Discount Beauty Boutique
Lipstick Republic
Redefining Beauty
Rouche Boutique
STVA Beauty

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