Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Australis Velourlips

Some people make bold statements with their eyes, some with their lips and lately matte lips are all the rave. Matte Liquid lipsticks or lip creams are definitely one of those products that are frustrating but irresistible at the same damn time. They're notorious for drying out lips but they're notable for their colour pay off, longevity and glamorous look about them.

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Creams come in a range of 15 intense colours and are packaged in small hard plastic tubes with a doe foot applicator. They apply with moderate precision and glide smoothly on the lips to provide intense, full coverage colour pay off. If you're looking for crisp lines, I highly recommend using a lip brush and concealer. With the lighter colours, you could get away with a half-arse job however the darker shades are a lot less forgiving. These claim to be a non-flakey, long wearing formula with a soft-suede look.

These Matte Lip Creams deliver fully opaque, highly saturated colour with one stroke and feel weightless on the lips - not tacky and not sticky. The texture of these are quite soft with a velvet matte finish. This has a very thin, creamy consistency, and once applied, it feels very airy on the lips - neither wet or dry. They set and dry fairly quickly, almost instantly and can be layered or used as a base under lipsticks. This glide over the lips with ease but keep in mind that a little bit of product will go a long way - they are very rich in pigment. To remove I recommend using an oil-based make up remover to gently wipe them off, although micellar water can also do the trick.

These matte lip creams are comfortable to wear. They will however sink into fine lines and accentuate dry, flakey lips if you choose not to exfoliate and moisturise beforehand. Other than that, the shade 'Par-ee' lasted 4 hours on my lips before fading and 'Doo-bai' lasted well over 8 hours without a touch up. These are water resistant, transfer resistant and almost completely smudge proof. Velourlips Matte Lip Creams held up pretty well through eating and drinking and I didn't experience any flaking but my lips did feel a little bit dehydrated after about a few hours so I suggest using a bit of gloss or balm over the top and avoid licking your lips. Some days these wear beautifully and other days they will feel a little drying but that's probably just because it's still winter here in Sydney and it has been extremely cold and windy. They are sweetly scented which is something I personally prefer/like. If you're not a fan of scented lip products and they make you nauseas - maybe give this a pass.

Overall, I'm happy with the quality of Australis Velourlips matte lip creams. They're lovely, they're portable and they retail for $9.95 each, which by Australian standards are quite affordable. I love selection of colours and they sit on the lips beautifully and I appreciate the fact that they're Australian and vegan-friendly!



You can purchases these directly from the Australis Website or from Big W and Priceline. What are your experiences like in regards to these lip creams? Feel free to discuss or share your thoughts!


  1. Hey Julie :) I like them- for the price I think theyre pretty good- the formula is a bit grainy in some colours, but okay otherwise. My faves are N-y-cee and Shang-hi :)

    1. Same, for the price it's undoubtedly a great product. You're right, the formula is a tiny, tiny bit inconsistent between some shades but other than that they translate on the lips beautifully and are really lightweight and long wearing something I appreciate a lot about lip products