Monday, 6 July 2015

Keen bean Scrub *

Lately, I've been spending quite a lot of time in the shower. If you follow my instagram you may already know that I have been trialling a bunch of new haircare products to review - all good things to come, I promise. I also have a shower buddy, and before you get the wrong idea, I would like to introduce you to it

Keen Bean Scrub is an all natural, preservative-free and vegan friendly product that's proudly Australian. It is produced with the highest quality ingredients including soy and mung beans, pearl barley, natural oils and brown sugars. Keen bean claims to improve skin complexion, create healthy, moisturised glowing skin and brighten skin tones as well as even out tan lines. It's key ingredients claim to be detoxing and deep-cleansing by gently lifting dirt and stubborn clogged pores, simultaneously smoothing out uneven skin texture. Suitable for all skin types and conditions, including dry and irritated skin, cellulite, stretch marks, eczema acne, and psoriasis. The description on the packet also say that this will diminish wrinkles. reverse sun damage, fight acne and reduce rashes, pimples and spots.

Still with me so far? I know, all this information is beginning to be a bit superfluous so I'll try and make this as short and comprehensive as possible so bear with me if all this information turns into serious brain fart for you -

It is suggested that you use this scrub once or twice a week and lasts up to 6 months, dependant on how you store your products which should be a dry and cool place out of direct sunlight. It comes in a zip-lock paper bag but I transferred mine into a glass jar and tightly sealed it. It is important to note that you must prevent water from getting into it or it can reduce it's shelf life. It can be used on both the face and body but it is imperative that you be very, very gentle when exfoliating your face and neck - try to avoid sensitive areas such as the eye area and sides of the nose. 

So I've been happily using this product for a few weeks now and I can tell you it smells quite pleasant - the actual product looks like typical brown sugar and it really helped to exfoliate dead, flakey skin. It helped even my skin tone and my skin felt dramatically smoother and supple. This product really polishes the skin giving it that smooth and fresh appearance. This scrub is mildly abrasive, but even if you use a generous amount and a fair bit of pressure it will not cause any pain or discomfort, I'd say it's quite pleasant and invigorating however, depending on how tolerant your skin to fragrances it may cause irritations or a light 'itch' (always do a patch test first before delving right in to it. I have dry, rough patches and a lot of flakey bits and I found this worked effectively on smoothing out those areas, unfortunately I did not notice any significant difference when it came to my stretch marks, even though I'm not very self-conscious about them and I don't think that they're ugly. My stretch marks empowers me since they were "earned".

When it comes to using the Keen Bean scrub on your face and body, I'd suggest avoiding irritated/inflamed or sensitive areas (eg. may have been caused by hair removal such as shaving or waxing) or directly over pimples as this can further aggravate them. If used in a gentle manner this product is definitely impressive. Do not attempt to use this scrub directly on dry skin (I shouldn't have to tell you this), this product will only benefit you with wet/damp skin but try not to use this under running water it's just wasteful and won't be as effective since most of it will already be down the drain before you get the chance to rub it in.

The Keen Bean Scrub does leave my skin lightly fragranced, smooth and silky with the healthiest sheen. There is a tiny bit of oily residue though which I'm sure is what keeps the skin from drying out…it felt very nourishing and hydrating. No stickiness and no grease. This scrub felt very fresh and detoxifying and although I'm not too sure if it really does help fight acne or reduce rashes, I do know that this works amazingly well for removing leftover tan, dirt and most of my blackheads. Not only do I use this to remove tan, but I also love it before tanning. The Keen Bean Scrub preps my skin for a smooth finish and leaves it moisturised enough for the self tan to buff right in for an amazing skin-perfecting finish.

Overall, I like keen bean it works exceptionally well as an all-natural face and body exfoliator. It retails for $14.95 per 200grams and shipping is free within Australia. Keen Bean also offers international shipping.

If you have any further questions feel free to drop a question in the comments or you can visit Keen Bean for more information or to pop a bag or two (or 10) in your cart.

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  1. Hi Julie! Great review! I havent heard of this brand before- Its great they do free shipping within Aus, Ill definitely check them out! :)