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Sigma Beauty Structural Lashes Mascara Set *

When it comes to make up brushes, Sigma Beauty is one of the most prominent and successful companies. They have since become renown, not only for their brush collections but for their a diverse range of products including brush care and make up. The newest addition to Sigma Beauty's make up range is the Structural Lashes Mascara set.

The Structural Lashes Mascara sets include a High Caliber Lash mascara, a Sinuosity Lash mascara and a Monumental Lash mascara. It is marketed as 1 infallible formula, 3 exceptional wands. Each of the mascaras wands are designed to uniquely shape the lashes - Curl, length and define. They can be mixed, matched and layered.

Sigma's Structural lashes mascaras claim to be water-resistant, flake resistant, smudge resistant and paraben free. The formula of these mascaras are lightweight and are enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to nourish and condition the lashes whilst providing desirable length, volume, curl and definition.

The wand of the Monumental lash mascara features thick and full bristles for maximum volume and lift.  This helps to achieve a more fuller, dramatic lash effect. This mascara coats the lashes without excessive tugging or pulling and is very lightweight. The Monumental Lash mascara gave me very full, natural looking lashes however, my lashes are quite short and sparse, so the size of the wand was a little hard to work with as I couldn't get a very precise application.

The Sinuosity Lash mascara wand is a curved and moulded plastic brush. This helps to pull the lashes into a curled shape and push the lashes upwards and outwards. This mascara gives the lashes a noticeable lift, although the formula is thin, wet and requires a bit of patience to build up, this coats the lashes individually, fans them out and gives the eyes a more open look. The wand is fairly smaller, allowing more precision. Yes. This did hold my curls.

Compared with the Monumental Lash mascara, the High Caliber Lash mascara wand is thinner with denser bristles. The wand is also straight and firm and is shaped to pull the lashes upwards for optimal height, dimension and long lasting length. This gives me a little bit more length and naturally fanned lashes.

The formula of these mascaras are quite wet and thin. It does take a while for them to set, but they sculpt the lashes naturally without clumping, flaking or transferring. Water resistant - check, flake resistant - check, smudge proof - satisfactory. As previously mentioned, it does require some patience to gradually build length and volume, however the results are well worth the extra effort. Gorgeous fanned out lashes that still feel rather natural and not-at-all crispy!

These mascaras claim to be long-wearing (up to 13 hours), although I've only had each of them on for at least 9 hours at a time - it did not wear away, so I guess it has the potential to wear up to the maximum 13 hours if ever I needed it on for that long.

The Sigma Beauty Structural Lashes officially released a couple of weeks ago and is now available online at Sigma Beauty and retails for $19 individually, or as a set for $45.

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