Monday, 31 August 2015

Cocoa Brown Tan *

Lately, it seems as though beauty is rapidly revolutionising. Strobing…baking…tontouring. Yes, tontouring. Tontouring is basically contouring with self tanners. It's low maintenance, it's semi-permanent and could quite possibly supersede contouring.

This technique, established by Cocoa Brown Tan founder Marissa Carter is so on trend right now. To get the look, apply tan with a foundation brush and/or a dense, angled contouring brush to the perimeters of the face, below the jaw line, along the sides of the nose and under the cheekbones for a more sculpted look. Blend out with fingers to avoid harsh lines for a more seamless and natural subtle contour. 

For a soft, subtle and fool proof application I definitely recommend starting out with the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze gradual tanner. Once you are confident enough, I suggest you try using the Cocoa Brown Tan 1 Hour Tan

Tanning can be pretty tricky business and requires days of prep. For the best possible application it is essential that the skin is smooth and moisturised. Tanning is notoriously unforgiving for those with dry skin. If your base is not ace, you can definitely expect the tan to accentuate dry patches and cling onto any flakey bits. It will peel and flake away and cause the tan to look uneven and scaly - tall tale signs that you've been cheating a bronze glow…

The Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff is an exfoliating body scrub that preps the skin to remove old tan, dead skin, flakes and smooth out uneven texture. This body scrub is coarse and abbrasive and can leave the skin feeling a little raw, but it is effective for buffing the skin down to a smooth surface and give it a fresh, healthy sheen. Always remember to do a patch test!

The texture of this scrub is gritty, however the consistency is very aqueous so it can be used on dry skin for a deep exfoliation. If you have normal to sensitive skin and cannot tolerate abrasive scrubs very well, I highly recommend only using this wet, this way it's a little more gentle on the skin. It is imperative that you always follow with a soothing moisturiser and moisturise every day up until the day you're ready to tan. Tough Stuff can be used up to 3 or 4 times a week, but it's recommended that you refrain from using it the same day you plan to tan.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse (dark) is a luxurious mousse formula that's quite moisturising and safe to use on both face and body. It is also lightweight and non-sticky and leaves flawless streak-free results for 5-7 days. The texture of this is foamy, light and airy and is very fast drying, so you're going to have to try and work quick to blend it out. This is a fast developing tan (1 hour for a bronze tint, 2 hours for a medium cocoa-brown tan and 3 hours for a deep, intense shade) and can be washed after 3 hours, so you don't have to go through the inconvenience of leaving it on overnight and staining your sheets, clothes and/or furniture.

In order to get the best results, I always recommend using a tanning mitt to buff in the product for an even distribution and smoother, streak-free coverage. Mitts also saves you the trouble of having to explain why your hands look horrendous! While the tan is developing, try to avoid contact with water as it can cause your tan to streak. To prevent your tan from staining your nails, coat them with a layer of clear nail polish. For the most natural look possible, hands, knees, feet and face should always be done last with what's left over on the mitt, in doing so, it's a lot easier to control the intensity of the tan by gradually building coverage and preventing you from over applying.

Cocoa Brown tanning products are always brown, never orange and each of their products are scented with their signature Tahitian gardenia fragrance - a very pleasant scent, and one of the reasons why I look forward to tanning. I would definitely recommend these products - 100% yes and if that doesn't convince you to try them, Kylie Jenner also douses herself in Cocoa Brown tan too…just so you know.

You can find each of the products mentioned here on the Australian Cocoa Brown website (free shipping available on purchases over $49.95.

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  1. Whhhaaat!? Well this seems a little bit scary hahaha! Great idea... But I think I'll be skipping this trend. I can admit, I would probably fail badly at it.

    1. If you're familiar with cream contouring this will be a walk in the park! I use a gradual tanner much more forgiving if you make a bit of a mistake!