Monday, 6 April 2015

Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette

Recently, I posted up a monthly favourites post featuring my new favourite eyeshadow palette with all matte shades. This palette boasts a total of 12 neutral shades, both warm, cool and neutral tones.

The overall texture of the eyeshadows are silky-smooth and very soft and buttery with the exception of a couple of shades that looked to be a little bit powdery but nothing too disappointing. Net weight is 1.50g/0.053 Oz. of product in each pan. A couple of the shades did not show up well on my skin, but the rest are very pigmented and are finely milled. The colours are buildable and they blend out seamlessly. Perfect as, crease and transition colours. The following swatches are applied directly onto my forearm without primer so for higher intensity I'd recommend priming the lids before anything else.

Free spirit is a warm-tone yellow beige and is the perfect base and brow bone colour for my MAC C1 Skintone. This one is silky-soft and pigmented and applied really well. 

Caregiver is a slightly pale pink with very cool undertones. This one has a really good colour payoff, a little bit on the powdery side but otherwise a lovely base colour. Tap off the excess and it will apply and blend beautifully.

Supermom Makes a great base colour and brow bone highlight. It's a light ivory with warm undertones and is one of the shades that isn't as powdery as the other few. This is one of my favourites to use for bringing down the colour every time I accidentally blend up too high - if you know what I mean.

From left to right: Free Spirit, Caregiver, Supermom

Force of nature is a fairly warm peachy brown shade that's a beautiful crease/transition colour for soft smokey eyes. This is soft and smooth colour with excellent colour pay-off and blends so well with a crease brush.

Natural Beauty is my favourite dusty-mauve that compliments warm-tones. This is one of the best shades in the palette with great pigmentation and blends effortlessly. It is slightly powdery when I dipped my brush in the pan but it transferred really well onto my lids and didn't cause any fall out. so I'm not that fussed about it.

Wanderer is a in between light and medium brown with neutral, very slightly warm undertones. Great for creases or soft smoky eyes. This too was powdery when I dipped my brush in the pan but it applied so smoothly and blended out beautifully.

From left to right: Force of Nature, Natural Beauty, Wanderer

Dreamer is a very pigmented dark brown with warm undertones. This swatched pretty poorly, in terms of it's blendability however, it's okay but it wasn't as effortless as I wish I would have been. Sometimes I use this as a brow powder or to deepen my crease and corners.

Best friend is more of a mulberry shade with a more cooler undertones and is probably not your best friend. I found this shade to apply quite poorly. The swatch of this was okay but when I pat it onto my lids it transferred unevenly and once I blended it out it was just way too patchy and sheer for my liking.

Power Player is a warm and muted taupe shade that has good pigmentation and blends well. It's just another one of those lovely transition colours for either a dark or soft smokey eye since it does pull more of a grey.

From left to right: Dreamer, Best Friend, Power Player

Multi-tasker is the darkest brown in the palette with warm undertones soft and buttery that is a little bit powdery as well but it is very pigmented and blends fairly well.

Bombshell is blackened smokey plum shade with warm undertones and looks to be slightly muted. This too has great pigmentation, and feels so soft and silky. This is great for deepening the outer-V and a great shade for dark smokey eyes. I did find that this have a bit of a fall out issue but is easily brushed away with a powder brush.

Fashionista is a true matte black. This swatched really well, and applies and blends just the same. I find that if you tap off the excess you will have no issues with fall out with this one. It's unbelievably pigmented that a light tap into the pan will pick up just enough for a highly-intense colour.

From left to right: Multi-tasker, Bombshell, Fashionista

I got this palette at Sydney Sephora for $64 AUD earlier last month, and since then I have revisited the store twice and it is still sold out, but fortunately for us, this is a part of their permanent collection so have no fear, it will (eventually) be back in stock soon!

Let me know if you have this or thinking about getting it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! x

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