Thursday, 14 May 2015

Cocoa Brown Tan Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser *

For those of you who struggle to naturally tan, (fear of UV exposure, adverse affects to health, photo-sensitivity or your skin simply just burns instead) there are ways... If you're a little intimidated by self tanners, or if you've never tried self-tanning and simply do not want to commit to a long-lasting tan but want a weekend-long glow, Cocoa Brown Tan's Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is your new best friend.

I have been using this product for the past month now and I am so impressed with it. It comes in a large pink squeeze tube bottle (very cute!) and the first thing I noticed about this product is the scent - it is bursting with freshness! It is fragranced, but it smells so rich and fresh unlike other tanners that can have a slight offensive smell. This will give you a lovely golden bronze tan, not orange. Before each tanning session, I heavily moisturise with the Vaseline spray-on moisturiser. If you're going to be using your hands to apply this product, it is recommended that you slather on moisturiser on both your hands and allow it to set for a few minutes to create a barrier so that the pigments from the tan does not cling to your hands leaving you with unsightly discoloured palms. To avoid this process completely I'd recommend using a tanning mitt which is available here or at Priceline and other selected chemists.

The consistency of this product is not quite watery, but it is fairly runny. This is a very, very moisturising formula and once applied it does have a very dewy, glistening finish. Once this sets (or wash off) the tan is a beautiful warm bronze which looks so natural, so unbelievably gorgeous! The best thing about this product is the tan will never be an overwhelming shade, it gradually deepens your skin tone and once the tan develops (normally 10 minutes) it will have a beautiful golden tinge. First application will give you a very light bronze tan however, if you're looking to darken it up, this product definitely has buildable colour. For a light to medium bronze tan, I reapply the tan within the next half hour. For a medium tan, I apply three full layers. This tan can be built up to a medium-dark tan but it requires a lot of effort and product, so I don't recommend you doing that because it can be pretty wasteful…instead, try their '1 hour tan' which lasts up to 5 days and gives you an instant 'cocoa-brown' tan.

This is such a great product! It moisturises and hydrates the skin rather than dry it out or irritate it, it fades evenly and doesn't look streaky or patchy and it smells gloriously fresh! This gradual tanner is perfect for those who want a temporary, commitment-free light bronze tan for up to 3 days. I use this to even out skin tone and minimise the look of harsh tan lines and the best part is it looks natural and fades beautifully. The only con is I used my hands to apply this and my palms become grossly orange, despite the tan looking nothing at all orange on my skin. Try to wash your hands immediately after! I love the results and definitely recommend this product.

Cocoa Brown products are now available in Australia at selected chemists and online at Cocoa Brown (see list of stockists) unfortunately the Gentle Bronze isn't available to purchase on there but can be found here at feelunique who ships internationally.

This post is not sponsored or paid for. This product review remains honest and in my own opinion. Product mentioned was provided by PR for consideration and I am not obligated to review or promote them.

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