Tuesday, 11 August 2015

K Luxe Lashes *

Earlier last week, I shared a couple of posts featuring a pair of these 'Victoria' lashes from K Luxe Lashes on Instagram. These mink lashes are free from chemicals, dyes and are sourced from farm-raised siberian minks meaning they're also cruelty-free and are collected and sterilised for  handcrafted production. These are deluxe alternative to synthetic lashes and with proper care, these claim to last up to 25 applications (Approximately 6 times more than standard synthetic lashes).

K Luxe mink lashes in 'Victoria' features short strands of hairs starting from the inner corners and gradually becomes fuller and longer at the corners, dramatically flaring out for a sultry, glamorous evening look.

These lashes were so soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. I have never gone an entire night without my lashes poking, itching or irritating my eyes but this pair of mink lashes wore an entire 8 hours without peeling off or losing it's curl. They were very, very lightweight and looked really feminine and natural!

K Luxe Lashes are proudly Australian and come in many other different styles. You can shop them here online or at any of their current stockist.

Product mentioned above was gifted to me for consideration. I am not paid or sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in this post, therefore this is an honest review based on my own opinions. For the full disclaimer, please refer to my main sidebar.

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